2002 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Convertible

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The Porsche 911 (pronounced as nine eleven) is a sports car made by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. The famous, distinctive, and durable design has undergone continuous development since its introduction in autumn 1963 Mechanically it is notable for being rear engined and, until the introduction of the all-new Type 996 in 1999, air-cooled. Since its inception the 911 has been modified, both by private teams and the factory itself, for racing, rallying and other types of automotive competition. It is often cited as the most successful competition car ever, especially when its variations are included, mainly the powerful 935. In the international poll for the award of Car of the Century, the 911 came fifth after the Ford Model T, the Mini, the Citro

VIN #: WPOCA29902S652681
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
Body Style: Convertible
Mileage: 9967