1968 Mercedes-Benz 600 Limousine

Price : $100,000



The Mercedes-Benz 600 was a large luxury automobile, intended to represent the absolute pinnacle of automobile engineering. When introduced in 1963, it had few competitors, except Rolls-Royce and some US-made limousines. It was intended to be driven primarily by a chauffeur, not the owner, thus a power divider window separating the front seats from the rear bench seat was available. Production began in 1965 after two years of ramp-up, with most styles built through 1972. The oil crisis, as well as the introduction of new range of S-Class models, slowed demand. Modest production continued to 1981, however. During this time, 2,677 vehicles were made. The 600 featured many luxuries, including a complex hydraulic system which powered everything with a pressure of 150 bar, from the windows and seats to the automatically closing doors. A few of the limousines were made with a convertible top over the rear passenger compartment and were called landaulets. This was mainly intended for government use, by the Pope, or by the German government, e.g. in 1965 during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II, when she was accompanied by Kurt Georg Kiesinger in open-top tour in Baden-W

VIN #: 1.00E+12
Exterior Color: Burgundy
Interior Color: Gray
Body Style: Limousine
Mileage: 43534